Rooting and Grounding Guided Meditation

Within the last month, school has started, new activities are underway, schedules have been put into place, and the weather has begun to shift from summer to fall.  All of these changes can be unsettling and jostling.  This is the perfect time to cultivate stability in your yoga practice.  In my personal practice, I’ve been exploring secure standing postures like warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle,  yogic squat and others.  Another great way to cultivate stability is though meditation.

Would you like to find a little stability and security?  Find a comfortable, supported seat, preferably on the ground, and take a few minutes to focus on rooting and grounding with this guided meditation.



2 comments on “Rooting and Grounding Guided Meditation

  1. Oooooo, smart move to include a video! I was just reading about how smart that is!! Nice work! Meanwhile, I’ve been to 2 yin classes — really like it!

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