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Supported Yoga – Seated Practice

You’ve probably heard that you can practice yoga just about anywhere and good news, you can.  Today I offer you a practice that can be done from the comfort of your chair.  A nice sturdy armless chair that is stationary is recommended.  Make sure your feet comfortably touch the floor when you are seated.

This Supported Yoga class is suitable for most levels and is a good fit for new practitioners. It is designed for students who prefer the support of a chair and the stability of a seated practice.  Practice only if you are fit to do so. Always choose the right level of challenge for you.

This class was filmed during the COVID-19 crisis in the US.  It’s offered for free use, but in return I would ask that you share the love.  If you can, support your local studio by purchasing a pass or a gift card. If you are unable to support your studio monetarily, please consider giving them a positive review, sharing a post or recommending their services to a friend.  Like many businesses in the service industry, yoga studios are being hit quite hard by this crisis.

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