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What is Your Superpower?

One of the great things about the practice of mantra is that it can help change the negative reel of thoughts and feedback in your head that sometimes gets stuck on repeat.  To reverse this trend, it can seem like a monumental task requiring superhero strength.

Recognizing our gifts or qualities we’d like to cultivate is a great way to get started.  A good way to produce a mantra is to determine your personal strength or what you’d like it to be.  Feel free to start small or think big.  To match the strength needed and to add an element of fun, you could even imagine it’s your personal superpower.

For a little inspiration here are some of the mantras that I would assign to some of the strongest people I know, my sisters.  Maybe one is a good fit for you.

Superhero Collection.jpg

Once you pick a mantra, use it for meditation, intention in class, inspiration, or as an affirmation mantra throughout your day.  Put a new reel of thoughts on repeat, for example:

  • “Compassion is my superpower!”
  • “Style is my superpower!”
  • “Humor is my superpower!”
  • “Kindness is my superpower!”
  • “Stamina is my superpower!”

There is greatness in you, even if you have a hard time seeing it right now.  Using a superpower mantra might be just what you need to be able to see and appreciate your gifts and talents.  Let me know if you pick a mantra and how it goes.




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