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The Little Things

pencilsIt’s Back to School time at our house, so that means getting back into the swing of routines and homework.  We’ve been working to get all the of the major components in place like bedtimes, carpools, and clothing.  Now that the big stuff is addressed, we can start focusing on the details.  I was reminded at Curriculum Night, in my son’s 6th grade classroom, of  all the little details they have to remember throughout the day: making lunch selections, managing a locker, homework assignments, extra credit, clubs, the list is endless.

Of course, the kids could choose to breeze through and just getting things done, focusing on the major components, but the teachers really encourage them to pay attention to the little details.  Putting work into things like proper page headings, neat penmanship, annotating correctly, and getting everything done on time, these can really maximize their potential grades.  It takes work, it takes focus, but it’s those little details that might elevate them from a C to a B or from Second Honors to First.

We can find these little details in lots of areas of our lives: in our work, in our relationships, in food we prepare, and in our yoga practice.

When we practice, we can choose to unroll the mat, plop down, let our bodies blindly follow the movement of the class, and feel quite satisfied with the result.   We an choose to attach our experience to how strong or flexible we are, or how far we get in a challenging pose.  But, bringing the focus to the little details is what can really elevate the experience.

There is so much going on when we practice, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.  Start with the breath, then branch out by adding intention.  When you feel grounded there, bring focus to the physical sensations, minute muscle activation and movement.  Bringing focus to all of the little details of the breath, of the drishti, of the poses, and of the practice will maximize our experience.  This could translate to a wonderfully soothing savasana, invigorating breath practice, or over time making progress on a goal pose.

Need a little musical inspiration for the little things?  Enjoy this lovely tune by Carlos Bertanatti

Enjoy the Journey!



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