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Redefine Resolutions

50398346 - chalkboard on the wooden table written this year i will.If your annual resolution list has been recycled over and and over and includes gems like “lose weight”, “work out more”, or anything along those lines it’s time to redefine resolutions.  The flaw in the way resolutions are traditionally set is that they are purely physical goals.  Worse yet, many times they are rooted in dislike, loathing, and body shaming.  You are so much more than muscle and fat.

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked.
Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
-Louise Hay

So, this year make a commitment to set resolutions based on the fact that are inherently good and wonderfully made.  You are a creature of infinite talents and possibilities.  Set goals and change habits to expose and accentuate these gifts.  Use your energy to remove barriers that block or inhibit what is great about you.  Place your focus on pursuing your passions.

For example, if one of your gifts is hospitality, open up your calendar and schedule some time to entertain friends.  If you value your intellect, make a commitment to feed your knowledge by attending a class or committing to an online seminar.

Need a little help getting started?

  1.  Make a list:
    • List 3 things you love about yourself.
    • List 3 of your gifts and talents.
    • List 3 things pursuits, causes, and/or activities are passionate about.
  2. Ask yourself:
    • How can I include these in my daily life and interactions?
    • What barriers, excuses, and/or challenges are preventing me?
  3. Redefine Resolution
    • List your resolutions, but treat this as a living project, not a checklist of success or failure.
    • Revisit weekly or monthly.
    • If you lose focus, just pick back up and move on when you revisit.

You are a gem, your value is immense.  Maybe you just need a little loving attention to help you shine.  Redefining resolutions might just be the way to do it.  I hope this change in perspective gets your 2017 off to a great start!




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