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The Season of Expansion

16522719 - santa claus holding his belly, two many cookies i think.‘Tis the season.  Every year it starts around Halloween and doesn’t wrap up until New Year’s Day.  During this time we expand our social calendars, the number of people in our homes, our spending, and our consumption of food and drink.  We seem to spend infinite amounts of energy this time of year.

It is definitely a season for extroverts.  They garner energy and inspiration from all of this external stimulation.  But, I think we can take a cue from the introverts of the world.  To find peace and generate energy they go inside.  Introverts turn inward to garner strength, focus, and balance.  You may see them at holiday parties and events, but what you don’t see is the time in solitude when they recharge.

The fact of the matter is that very few people are completely extroverted or introverted.  Most of us fall somewhere on the continuum.  Both qualities are within us.

This balance of opposites reminds me of the story of Garuḍa.  The mythical bird who is the vehicle of Vishnu.  At Garuḍa’s birth, he emerged in a great fiery light.  The gods were worried that his full glory and power would destroy the world, so they asked him to find restraint.  This is one of the explanations for the coiled and compact nature of garuḍāsana or eagle pose.  The full expression of this pose has a very introspective nature to it.

So, during this season of expansion take some time to go inside, find peace, and solitude.  Here are just a few easy ways to try:

  1. Get up a few minutes before your house comes alive to enjoy your coffee, read, pray, or meditate.
  2. Make a date with yourself for  a quiet lunch.  Escape the group lunch or busy food court and find a secluded spot.
  3. Take a meditative walk.  If it’s too cold, visit your local botanical center.
  4. Practice yoga without music.  Let your breath guide the way.  Or, incorporate a gentler, quieter practice like restorative.
  5. Watch your calendar.  When you have extended lengths of time that include activity, schedule in some solitude like a night in or a pedicure.

If you need a little more insight on the power of introverts.  Take 20 minutes and enjoy Susan Cain’s Ted Talk:

Happy Season of Expansion!


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