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If I Only Had a Brain

scarecrowSometimes I feel like I’m being pulled in way too many directions.  I feel like my stuffing has been pulled out, just like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

Tending to a husband, three kids, work, homework, making dinner, shopping, coordinating, and more are all just in a day’s work.  Most days and weeks it all comes together.  A balance of work and play, chaos and calm, together and alone, seems to happen naturally most weeks.  But, sometimes it seems like things are just out of whack.  What’s the difference?

The difference is Brahmacharya, which can be understood as self-restraint or conscious use of energy.  Being mindful of how I am spending precious energy is the difference.  Am I being swept up by the hurricane of household chaos or am I standing strong amid it?  Am I going down the homework tantrum rabbit hole or am I climbing out of it?  Am I taking time to be alone in my thoughts or providing constant competition with media?

I have some very strong introvert tendencies, so when things start to explode or fall apart, I go inside.  Quiet time, mat time, alone time, these all seem to put things back to the proper perspective.  Taking a step back, away from distraction, away from the pull of life, and being really honest about the choices I’ve made to spend energy is the perfect first step to getting things back in balance.

“When one is established in brahmacharya, one develops a fund of vitality and energy, a courageous mind, and a powerful intellect so that one can fight any type of injustice.”  -B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Yoga

Here’s a little inspiration for reclaiming vitality and energy (and in my case a brain), one of my favorite versions of the Scarecrow’s song, “If I Only Had a Brain” by Harry Connick, Jr.  I hope you enjoy it, maybe with a little side of quiet time. 

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