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You Are Here

28788761_sWhen it comes up that I teach yoga, there are typically two responses.

The first is “Do you know <insert yoga teacher here>?”  This is always a fun conversation starter and is indicative of the kula or community of yoga.  Like small towns, everybody seems to know everybody, many times first hand, but usually within one or two degrees of separation.

The second response I get is, “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible”.  With this response,  excuses start to drop like bricks, building an unnecessary, self-imposed, wall of requirement and prerequisite.

Here’s the beautiful thing about yoga, the practice will meet you where you are on a daily basis.  The practice meets us without requirement or expectation which allows us to do the same.  Eventually, we make our whole selves available for practice and learn to take the practice as it comes.

In time, inflexibility becomes flexiblity of the body AND the mind.  Physical inflexibility is really not a requirement, this concern can be addressed by using props and modifying poses.  Many yogis will expand their view and discover that practice is not just the physical postures.  Other facets of yoga like pranayama and meditation don’t require physical flexibility at all.

So, the next time you practice yoga, post a mental, “I am here” sign.  You will find there are no requirements or prerequisites, you are exactly where you need to be.  Breaking down the imaginary wall of requirement will open up endless possiblities for your practice.

Enjoy the Journey!


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