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Mama’s Got a Brand New (Yoga) Bag

Yoga BagChannel your inner James Brown and sing it with me, “Ain’t no drag….. mama’s got a brand new bag….”

I made my first yoga bag a couple of years ago when my favorite one gave out. I couldn’t find a stylish, unique one, that didn’t cost a fortune. So, I decided that with my basic sewing skills and all of the adorable fabrics at the store I could certainly craft one. This really is an easy project, with mostly straight lines. The hardest thing is sewing on the button (just do it before you’ve added the lining and it makes it way easier!).

This bag fits my standard lululemon mat or my manduka mat, plus a little room to spare. You can adjust the measurements to fit a different sized mat as needed.

  • 1 yard* of cotton/canvas fabric for bag & strap
  • 1 yard* of cotton/canvas fabric for lining & pocket  *if you get 1.5 yards of each, you can make 2 bags

  • thread
  • button (optional)
  • 12″X1″ elastic
Bag Fabric Pieces
  • Bag Panel – 30″X23″ Rectangle
  • Bag Bottom – 7″ Circle (I used a small disposable plate for a template)
  • Strap – 38″X6″ Rectangle
Lining Fabric Pieces
  • Lining Panel – 30″X23″ Rectangle
  • Lining Bottom – 7″ Circle
  • Pocket (Optional) – 8″X7″ Rectangle
  1. Pocket Prep (Optional) – Zig zag the edges of the pocket piece, Fold over the top edge about 1 1/2” and top stitch to stay in place. Sew the button hole in the top/center of the pocket fabric. [Pocket 1] Fold over and press the left and right edges about 1/2”, pin in place. [Pocket 2] Pin the WRONG side of the pocket fabric to the RIGHT side of the bag panel. Pin at the center bottom of the bag panel, lining up the bottom edge of the pocket and the bag panel. [Pocket 3] Stitch the left and right sides of the pocket to the bag panel. Sew the button to the bag panel.
  2. Strap Prep – Fold the strap piece in half the long way. Stitch together and then zig zag the edges together to reinforce. Turn right side out. Press flat, lining up the seam in the center of the back side. (The back of the strap will have the seam running down the middle.) [Strap 1]
  3. Bag Panel – Fold the bag panel in half and sew RIGHT sides together creating the back seam. Turn, so the bag panel is RIGHT side is out. Pin the back side of the strap to the RIGHT side of the bag panel, centering the strap on the BOTTOM edge of the bag seam. Repeat with the TOP edge of the strap and bag panel. [Strap 2] Turn inside out. Pin RIGHT sides together of the bag bottom (circle) to the bottom edge of the bag panel. [Bottom 1] Sew together and then zig zag the edges together to reinforce.
  4. Lining – Fold the lining in half and sew RIGHT sides together creating the back seam leaving a 1” opening 1 1/2” inches from the top and a 3” opening in the middle. (The 1” opening is for the top elastic. The 3” opening is to turn the bag after connecting the lining.) [Lining 1] Pin RIGHT sides of the lining bottom (circle) and the bottom edge of the lining panel together. Sew together and then zig zag the edges together to reinforce.
  5. Connect Bag & Lining – Turn the bag RIGHT side out and the lining WRONG side out. Put the bag inside the lining. Sew RIGHT sides together along the top edge, then zig zag the edges to reinforce. Pull the bag through the open seam in the lining. The RIGHT sides of the bag and lining should be visible. Sew the lining opening together (you can blind stitch or just top stitch, no one will see it.)
  6. Finishing – Top stitch the strap and bag to the lining about 1 1/2” from the top. This will create a channel for the elastic. Feed the elastic through the opening in the lining seam and sew the ends together. (You can blind stitch the opening, but it’s not very noticeable.)
The only things left to do are sing a little James Brown, load up your mat and head over to class (in style). I hope you enjoy this pattern. Be sure to send me pictures of your finished creations.

Enjoy the Journey! Suzanne

(This blog was originally posted on yoginiinprogress.blogspot.com.)

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