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#PowerPose Week 6 – Adho Mukha Svanasana

I can remember a time when I was new to the practice and a teacher made the reference that down dog was a resting posture.  “Yeah, right!”  Is what popped into my head.  (Okay it might not have been that G-rated.)  The blood was rushing to my head, my arms were fatigued, and my hamstrings […]

#PowerPose Week 5 – High Plank

#PowerPose Week 5 – High Plank

We’ve completed our first set of power poses: Caturanga Dandasana, Utkatasana, and Malasana, which came together for our first peak pose of Bakasana.  Hopefully, you found a new challenge or a new focus along the way.  It’s time to start our second set of postures, weeks 5-8. This week, the Power Pose is High plank.  […]

#PowerPose Week 4 – Bakasana

This week we find our first peak power pose with Bakasana.  The openness, strength, and energy that were cultivated with caturanga, utkatasana, and malasana now come together for the flying pose, crow.  I love this pose because it requires vulnerability, creates confidence, and is the gateway to all of the other arm balances. In Bakasana, […]